2019 marks the 68th year of the Portsmouth FC Supporters Club in London – 1951 being the year that the original committee first met on the terraces of Craven Cottage, at a Pompey away game (see our history article if you want to know more about how we started). But who are we and what do we do?

Essentially we’re a group of like-minded souls, who, despite being exiled from the fairer side of Hampshire, like to feel connected in some way to Portsmouth Football Club and its fans. Of course there is the occasional fruitcake who follows Pompey for no other reason than the fact they were once shown a video of a Pompey game/fans by their primary school teacher, despite having never lived south of Islington and their Dad being a die hard Gooner, but we won’t go there! We are what it says on the tin, Pompey fans who are connected to both London and PFC. I say connected rather than live, as most of our members actually live outside of the M25. Some live oop north, some reside in East Anglia or the west country, whilst others are further afield in China and Australia. The reason they are members, or so we’re told, is that we’re a friendly bunch who enjoy the fact that they support an unfashionable team in a city dominated by the Premier League prawn sandwich munchers; even when we were in the Premier League, I always got a sense we weren’t wanted.

So, what do we do? Well if you speak to some, they might say ‘very little’ whilst others might be a little more forgiving and say we don’t do too bad when it matters. You really have to judge for yourselves but, to give you a flavour of what we get up to, here’s a few things from past and present:

  • run a weekly competition for home match tickets
  • hold an annual dinner at Fratton Park where members and friends of PFSCL get to meet members of the playing, coaching and back room staff
  • give out prizes such as: signed books; chances to take a behind the scenes tour of the ground, and to present our Player of the Season with his trophy on the pitch at Fratton Park.
  • purchased 6 shares in the Football Club
  • raised respectable amounts of money for the training ground, academy and expansion of the Pompey In the Community facilities at Fratton Park
  • put out newsletters, ‘The Chimes’ (our London Pompey fanzine) – this is on hold at the moment whilst we look at digital options 
  • held a pool and darts match against the London Saints (I won’t mention the score)
  • purchased a commemorative brick in the wall at Fratton Park, to mark our 60th year, as well as producing a 60th anniversary badge
  •  written articles for the PFC website, and matchday programmes (home and away)
  • represented our members at the Fans’ Conference, made up of Pompey supporters from across the country

With all that in mind I think it’s pretty safe to say we are working to get the Supporters Club moving in the right direction. If you’d like to join, or learn some more, please get in touch via the Contact Form. Alternatively, you can find us on both Twitter and Facebook, by clicking on the homepage links.

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