Portsmouth Football Supporters Club London’s Annual Fratton Park Dinner

First set up by PFSCL’s Brian Moore in 2014, this has now become a very successful annual event with big support from those involved with Portsmouth FC including Johnny Moore, Mark Catlin, Iain McInnes and many others, who have all attended the function over the years.

For the past four years this has been going we have had players, staff and management all coming to enjoy an evening with fans and supporters of this fantastic club. The event usually includes a 3 course meal, raffle and plenty of opportunities to chat and mingle with players, staff and people that run Portsmouth FC on a daily basis. Attendees from the club have included: Jed Wallace, Johnny Ertl, Andy Awford, Paul Robinson, Ben Davies, Michael Doyle, Kyle Bennett, Jack Whatmough, Conor Chaplin, Gary Roberts, Leam Richardson, Ian Foster and Paul Cook, to name but a few.

For our members this is an incredible opportunity and one which we very rarely, if ever got the opportunity to do in the Premier League years. Everyone on the committee, at PFSCL, is truly grateful for the work that football club staff put in to enable us to host this special event at Fratton Park every year.  It certainly helps us fans feel we are a genuine part of this fantastic football club in our own special way!

The annual dinner in 2015 was held in memory of Eddie Wilson who was a big part of our supporters club and did a lot behind the scenes for Portsmouth FC. His raffles were always a huge hit with our supporters, and although we do our best to match them Eddie’s death was a huge loss to both PFSCL and the football club.

We of course, hope to continue the success of the annual dinner for years to come. Every year it just gets better and better; even more so when we are enjoying success on the pitch. Now we are out of league 2, we can all enjoy these exciting times ahead together.

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